Ellensburg, WA – Breeding Station

Picture, if you will, your favorite piece of historical art. To stand in front of it is to experience history meld with the future inside of you; to feel the energy of the artist emanate from his art as you stand in awe, acknowledging the sacred quality of that captured moment.

If one feels these sensations from static art, how much more profound is the experience with a living, breathing creature of equal beauty? And congruently, how important a mission it is to be named their caretakers?

Every ambition, every corner, every detail at Orrion Farms encircles this sole mission. It is our purpose to not only steward this ancient, magnificent creature to the best of our ability, but also to reimagine the Arabian horse lifestyle like never before, as we journey this privileged path together – with you.

The Farm - Ellensburg, WA

Dramatically backdropped by the beauty of the Cascade Mountains and the regal Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg, Washington (90 minutes from Seattle), Orrion’s world-class Arabian horses are certainly the stage.

Like any family gathering, we want our guests to feel as though they have “arrived home” when they visit Orrion Farms. We are fueled by our passion for the Arabian horse, and it is our privilege to share it with our guests. Whether it is the joy of watching a mare and her newborn foal dancing together in front of us or sharing a meal and a glass of wine around a fire together, we welcome you to our home.

We are excited to impart and share in the profound and global experience that is the Arabian horse together with you.

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Breeding The Finest Arabian Horses

Orrion Farms has been breeding Arabian horses since 1984.  We are proud of the great success the OFW program has had all around the globe and will continue to impact for years to come.  Breeding 25-30 high quality foals each season and utilizing the wonderful mare bloodstock we have here crossed with the top stallions around the world our goal is to breed a complete horse with the top Arabian characteristics.  Please visit our We’re Expecting page to see what we have coming this season.

Historical Roots

A friendly, gregarious businessman, Harold Orr was often described as an old-style entrepreneur. He and his wife, Dolly, founded Orrion Farms in 1984 birthed from a shared passion for the Arabian horse.

Under the Orr’s watchful eye and cunning foresight, Orrion Farms developed into being a landmark program for some of the most successful showing and breeding in the international Arabian horse community. Notable horses including the legendary sire, RSD Dark Victory, as well as National Champions GA Honisuckle Rose and OFW Magic Wan. Still today, the OFW program is mainstream and influential with broodmares such as OFW Psylhouette (dam of World Champion Stallion, EKS Alihandro) and OFW Mishaal (dam of World Champions Kahil Al Shaqab and Wadee Al Shaqab).

In 2016, Steve and Christina Poore took their place in the farm’s next chapter with a commitment to continue the Orrion Farms legacy in their own reimagined way. The Poore’s – alongside many of Orrion Farms’ original and loyal staff – joined together to bridge the past and the future to a level rarely seen.

Pictured: Orrion Farm House, built in the early seventies.

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