Naillla De Bloodstone is one of our treasured Straight Egyptian broodmares. She offers a tremendous level of exotic type that has been reaffirmed in America’s most significant show rings. She carries tremendous pedigree support from a beautiful collage of Straight Egyptian sires like Imperial Baarez, *Simeon Shai, Thee Desperado, The Minstril, *Ibn Safinaz, and Jamilll. Her tail female line through Ansata Nile Mist is one of the strongest ever in the history of Straight Egyptian breeding in America. Naillla De Bloodstone carries not one, but two crosses to Ansata Nile Mist– one through her tail female line and one through her sire. She is destined for greatness as a broodmare. We are fortunate to have her as part of the OFW broodmare band.