DA Valentino was an astounding show horse and sire. Unfortunately, he died so young that any good daughter by him is a collector’s item. Stone Gate Valentina is no exception. The 2019 Scottsdale judges agreed when they named her Reserve Champion Classic Arabian 6 & 7-Year-Old Mare.

Her dam’s side brings in the great blood of Khadraj NA with a tail female line to the renowned Gainey program.

Stone Gate Valentina represents an arresting blend of blood. She pays honor not only to DA Valentino – a horse prevalent in Orrion pedigrees for good reason – but also to Russian, Gainey and Egyptian blood to show the strength of a hybrid vigor pedigree.

Stone Gate Valentina is a stunning silhouette of beauty, a nod to her ancestral quality that clearly continues to be passed down with each generation. This, of course, leaves us in great anticipation of her breeding career, which is just beginning to unfold.


2019 US National Top Ten Senior Mare
2019 Region 5 Champion Mare
2019 Scottsdale Classic Arabian 6 & 7 Year Old Mare Reserve Champion
2016 Region 13 Champion Mare
2013 Region 7 Reserve Champion Yearling Filly