Progeny of Dominic M

Al Aryam Banafsaj – 2018 Grey Mare

(Dominic M* x Al Aryam Basma)

Owned by Ajman Stud
Bred by Al Aryam Arabians

GOLD Champion – Sharjah Horse Festival
GOLD Champion – Emirates Arabian Horse Breeders Championship
GOLD Champion – Abu Dhabi
GOLD Champion – Dubai International Championships


Lady Dominica JSZ – 2018 Chestnut Mare

(Dominic M* x Bretta UB)

Owned by Lady Dominica Holdings LLC
Bred by Jorge Constantino Selume Zaror

2020 US Nationals Reserve Champion – 2yr filly
2019 Brazilian GOLD Champion Jr filly
Scottsdale 1st place 3 yr old filly


Preludio OSB – 2015 Bay Stallion

(Dominic M* x Partyssima OS)

Owned by Valley Oak Arabians
Bred by Olivia Strauch Braga

2021 US National Championship – Sr Stallion
2020 US National Championship – Jr Stallion
2020 Midsummer Unanimous National Champion Stallion
Multi-National Champion of Brazil & Uruguay


Celaya – 2021 Grey Mare

(Dominic M* x Cetoria)

Owned by Orrion Farms LLC
Bred by Waldemar Bak


OFW Cupid – 2021 Grey Mare

(Dominic M* x LuLu Marajj)

Owned by ISRA Arabians
Bred by Orrion Farms

2022 US National Champion Yearling Filly



OFW Mariposa – 2021 Bay Mare

(Dominic M* x Makayah)

Owned by Aspire Arabians LLC
Bred by Orrion Farms


Stardom SKY – 2021 Bay Stallion

(Dominic M* x OFW Jewel of Marwan)

Owned and Bred by Desert Sky Arabians

2022 US National Champion Yearling Colt
2022 Scottsdale GOLD Champion Colt
2022 ABWC GOLD Champion Colt



Mistic Dominic HVP – 2019 Chestnut Mare

(Dominic M* x Mistcky Marajj HVP)

Owned by Desert Sky Arabians
Bred by Agropecuaria Vila Dos Pinheiros LTDA

2020 Scottsdale GOLD Champion Junior Filly
ANBF Gold Champion Junior Mare



FAM Donatella – 2018 Bay Mare

(Dominic M* x D Crystal Moon)

Owned by Al Juwaher Arabian Horse Stud
Bred by Federico Jose Morales Jordan

2019 Gold Champion Milan International
2019 Gold Champion Abu Dhabi International



Ghaly Al Hawajer – 2018 Bay Colt

(Dominic M* x Ghalyah Al Hawajer)

Owned & Owned by Al Hawajer Stud

2020 GOLD Champion UAE National Championships
2019 Gold Champion Sharjah Arabian Horse Festival



JS Troy – 2021 Bay Colt

(Dominic M* x D Ghaneemah)

Owned by Al Jawaher Arabian Horse Stud
Bred by Al Juwaher Arabian Horse Stud

UAE National Champion
Dubai Gold Champion Yearling Colt


HP Breslavia – 2019 Bay Mare

(Dominic M x JJ Polka)

Owned by Felix Cantu
Bred by Fiorito F Martin & Tomas E Ortiz Logascio

Argentina National Champion Junior Filly

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